Jan 8, 2010

Cheers to Young At Hearts and the rest for Xmas exchange 2009!


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Nov 23, 2009

Hives Attack 2009!

Been struck by this mysterious skin allergy over the weekend!
And after seeing 3 doctors, it still comes back!
I am super frustrated, waking up everyday to a itching body and seeing red spots appearing on parts of my hands, arms, feet, thighs, calves, back, tummy and even my palms! Luckily, they are not present on the face.
There was this one night when it spreaded to the neck!

I am really worried about what is causing this. No whatsoever reason and the doctors can only tell me, it's hives. I know...but what is causing it!!!
Is it my sheets? Is it the detergent?
What the hell is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All my dates had to be cancelled over the weekend and even until the next week, because I dunno when it will stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last time I had it, I took a job and it was gone. Forever. Until like last Thurs. And then it doesnt stop, even after a jab, 2 bottles of calamine lotion, 6 types of med!

Haiz....This is bad. The dermatologist said this is very bad. Very stubborn hives. What to do but to bathe myself in this plant that daddy got for me(it does help with the itch abit), apply the med everyday, eat my med dutifully and hope for the best.

Just some photos to remind myself how bad my hives did actually get in the year 2009!
And to share some pictures with you peeps out there who dunno what hives are.





And the hands!

Freaking hives...
Stay away!!!!!!!

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Oct 23, 2009

Is that where we are heading?

I was talking to a friend yesterday and it suddenly came to my realisation that most of the time, the relationship of 2 persons that understand and love each other deeply dont blossom...
There are just too many instances that prove this theory.

The fact that you love, that's why you treasure it more than anything.
The fact that you treasure, that's why you do your best to protect.
The more you protect, the more pressurizing it gets.
When pressure builds up, you take steps back.
You get into another comfort zone.
You feel at ease.
You find new meanings in life.
You build relationships with other pple.
You slowly forget..
And they slowly become beautiful memories...
It's a pity...but it's inevitable.
It withers.

The fact that you understand, you tend to keep quiet because you seem to know everthing.
The silence leads to assumptions that things are the way you see them.
The assumptions creates a glass wall and it gets thicker as assumptions build up.
When assumptions build up and remain unclear, awkwardness sets in.
You feel awkward to talk.
You feel invasive if you ask a lot qns.
You dont ask.
You feel drifted.
And again, they become memories.
It becomes history.

Is that where we are heading?

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Oct 18, 2009

Drifting apart

What's the best way to find out if you have drifted apart?
Probably when you no longer care about what the other party is doing.
Probably when you no longer want to depend on the other party.
Probably when you no longer see the need to explain anything.
Probably when the your life no longer revolves around the things that were given to you by the other party.

But these are all probably.
What are the exact signs?
I also dunno.
These are all my assumptions.
And I dun like to assume.
Assumptions may lead misunderstandings.
Misunderstanding is one of the fundamental of friendship breakdown.
There is no guarantee that time will help.

There are many reasons why pple drift apart.

Nobody knows the exact reason why this happens.
But you will know how you feel and what makes you want to back off.

I am ever ready to listen to anything that anybody wants to say.
However, if nobody wants to say anything, then I am left with no choice but to follow.

Sometimes I think...When nobody wants to listen to you, is it because you are not treasured or not impt to that person.
If so, why sould I get so upset over the fact that I want to tell you things and you do not want to listen.

Whatever it is, our non verbal language are not helping the friendship at all.
And they are making me very uncomfortable.
I dunno if they are doing the same to you.

The thing is I DUNNO WHAT YOU ARE THINKING and thus I dunno how to react.

If we are both suffocating in this friendship..
Then what is the next step that we should do?
Kill it?
Salvage it?

With you, my option is always the latter.
My direction has always been clear.

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Sep 27, 2009

Day 5 - Perth Sept 2009

The last day!
A super rushing day, coz we had to return the car by 5pm and we were 300+ km away from Perth city!
A peek at our cabin! Nice nice!

We had to rush back to Rockingham to catch the ferry to see the dolphins(intended to) and then to Penguin Island too!
Hence, we only stopped by Bunbury (Yes, we got it this time!Not some ulu place)for a toilet break. At first, we couldnt get the Visitor's Centre, but after stopping by so many Visitor's Centre, I concluded that it should be somewhere near the waters..And TADAH..We found it!
Pictures taken to show that we really did reach Bunbury! And yes, that one of pig sleeping...I volunteered to take the first league as Pig will always fall asleep after driving for a short while in the morning...Hahaha...
And this time, Shuang took the 100km OLD COAST ROAD drive! And being a good fren, I accompanied her by singing songs with her on the way...Keeping her awake!

And at 1230, we reached Rockingham's Wild Encounters! BUT! There was no more dolphin's ferries..Saddens...so only can go see the penguins on the 1pm ferry...

Just some pictures of the birds to make you disgusted.
Bottom left - dead pelican on the beach.
Bottom right - TONS and TONS of pelicans that made me super disgusted!
Centre right - Noisy seagulls(also very disgusted with them)
Top - Birdies in flight
The rest - Yes, finally, the penguins.

Oh, Pig took a very nice set of me and Shuang getting frightened by the seagulls.Coz they were pretty unstable of where they gonna land, wind was super strong...AND they shit in mid air!
Let the pictures speak for themselves! *laughs out loud*

After an hour of torture by the seagulls and pelicans, we went to see the feeding of the penguins, then set off back to the main island to vroom back to the city!

Just to mention how come there are 4 collages for this short Penguin Island trip.
The night before, I was browsing through my photos on my cam. It had about 1.1k pictures. When I came back and loaded everything onto my computer, there was 1.6k pictures! OMG. That's at least 400 pictures of birds! Now you all know why I am disgusted by the pelicans and seagulls. HAHAHAHAHA. Took a long time for me to delete the birdies' pictures! OMG...

Managed to return the car by 5pm(got abit stuck in the CBD area) and then we had another car! So we drove to the Bell Tower, in hope of getting the souvenir coin, but it was closed! Saddens!
Saw some carnival though,organised by the Leukemia Foundation.
Us wishing at the wishing well in front of the Bell Tower!

The Ferris Wheel and some cheeky pictures of us by the Swan Lake/River. Dont rmb it was a lake or the river...wahahahaha...

Afterward, we drove up to King's Park to rest for a while before heading to the airport and then HOME SWEET HOME!
Oh, just to explain why there are so many pictures of me and Princess? Coz I threw Princess away in Perth!The one that has been with me through my JC days! Gone!
And dont you think Shuang just looks like she is drinking from some oil tank or wat?

Anyway, this ends my short and 'good break from work' and the Ultimate Lamerz Trip 2009!
Hope there will be more to come...Hahahahaha

Stay tuned for more bloopers!

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Sep 25, 2009

Day 3 and 4 - Perth Sept 2009

Vroom vroom to Margaret River!
The naps, the GPS, the photos...Good enough to dedicate one collage for it...Hahaha...

We've passed by Rockingham,Mandurah,Capel,Busselton, Cape Naturaliste and finally, Magaret River!

Rockingham - We set off a day too early and thus cant get to go to penguin Island as it was still closed for the season! Saddens! No dolphins too! But we took with the fako one..hahaha..Had a sumptuous breakfast at one of the cafe though...And this pig felt sleepy after breakfast, that she couldnt tahan the drive to Mandurah and had to stop on the expressway and let me drive...Hahahaha....

Mandurah - Me and shuang were spending quite abit of time taking pictures here and there, while Pig was busy sleeping in the car! Oh, and we were super fascinated by one pelican that we saw and just couldnt stop taking pictures with it...Little did we know we would be disgusted by the pelicans soon enough...Will elaborate more in the next entry...Hurhur..SUSPENSE!

Capel - We were supposed to go to the Bunbury Visitor Centre..But the GPS brought us to Capel, and we took a break at this super ulu, out of nowhere cafe..But nonetheless, pig still bought sth from there! And I was only supposed to drive the 100km from Mandurah to Bunbury, who knows, Capel is about 20km more! So by the time we reached Capel, I was super ready to slp at the backseat! Hahaah....

Busselton and Cape Naturaliste - We only stopped by Busselton so that we could find the way to Cape Naturaliste, coz the stupid GPS didnt have it!!! Hahahaha...Talking about Cape Naturaliste, just when we tot we reached...NOOOOOOOOOO...It was a freaking long drive in to the lighthouse!!! And upon reaching the carpark, there was still a 20min walk to the lighthouse itself...so the lazy us decided to take pictures from afar and of course, sun was setting, so had to leave asap and vroom to MR.

FINALLYYYYY!!! Riverview Tourist Park...Niceeeeee
Piggy made dinner for us..But I couldnt finish it...Sorriieeeeeee....
Oh yes, above is my version...But Shuang came over yesterday and said that she dont like the picture with her showing her LONG and sexy legs(weet weet)...so she made another one...

Rest and Relaxxxxxxxx

Cukoooo Cukoooo(7am)
Took a quick drive to Cape Leeuwin...Coz our schedule was super packed for the day, so we decided to set off early...little did we know that we were TOOOOOO early...So we spent about an hour waiting for the staff to reach Cape Leeuwin...In the meantime, we took pictures, tested our limits with the wind...Hahaha...Oh yes, a little background about Cape Leeuwin..It is the tallest lighthouse in the South Western Aussie region and it is the place where 2 oceans meet, namely the Indian and Southern Ocean. And after the morning of braving the storm, Indian Ocean wins by constantly bringing winds of super high speed and doing free styling for my hair!!!! Hahahahaha

We took so many pictures that I had to put it into 2 collages!
Hahahaha..Afterall, we spent some money and energy climbing up the lighthouse!!!!
Look at the 2 fellas hiding behind the car to shield themselves from the winds of Indian Ocean!
Again, Shuang's version...

Afterward, we proceeded to the caves...
Starting off, we have the Jewel Cave! In my opinion, the nicest of all. And that's when Pig realised that she was afraid of caves...When she was walking in front, she asked me if I was behind her..Dont worry...I will get your back..Hurhur...

Next, Lake Cave! It was pretty small after seeing Jewel Cave...Haha...but it was nice too, coz it had its own lighting show! NIceee...but too difficult to talk pictures, coz too dark liao....

Oh, there was this caveworks exhibition and me and Shuang went to try cave crawling...Super hard, but we had a great time!!! Too bad Pig was in skirt...EHH...SKIRTS IN SPRING? Yes, she did tremble a lot during the trip! Hahahaha

Finally, Mammoth Cave. This was the cave without a guide and we had to listen to some MP3 and then walk as the 'stones' were explained to us. Again, Pig felt scared, because this cave was super quiet...Only had us! And pig was super worried that we would get lost. Apparently, they have sensors that can detect which part of the cave you are in and then they will light up the stones for you..but sometimes, there is some lag time...and this Pig will get scared coz it was dark! Haha...But we just simply walked through...nth much to see anw, after seeing 2 caves liao...

And we ended off the day with visits to XANADU Winery! Nice niceeeeeee...Also took a drive to Watershed, but din take any pictures...coz too many cooks spoil the soup. Similarly, too many wineries spoil the wine! Hahahahaha...

That's all! Next entry would be our last day in Perth!

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Sep 23, 2009

Day Two -- Perth Sept 2009

Off we go to collect our car from Bayswater and ending the long walks we had over the previous day! Yay!
Then we began our drive to Caversham Wildlife Park, where Shuang was yearning to see the kangeroos and the koalas!
Oh before that, we had a relaxing brunch at Whiteman Park...Born freeeeeee...as free as the wind blowssss...

And then it was the Roos and the bearssss..and after seeing so many roos...Shuang was more interested in the Japanese little girl more than the roos and she was like.."Quick! Take a picture of her..see see see...so cuteeee!"

After Caversham, we then drove to the Margaret River Choc Factory to take a look, so that we could have more time to do other things in Margaret River...Abit confusing...but yup, the one that we went to was the branch in Swan Valley...

And we had to rush down to Fremantle to at least walk at the market and phew! Lucky we made it! Dinner was Fish and Chips at Kailis' Fish Market..Erm..abit over-rated though...
We also popped by Little Creatures to grab some beer...Not for me though...Hahahaha...

That's all for the afternn!

Oh just a side track, Twinkle baby was so cute that day. While they were out, a group of girls passed by us and they were exclaiming how cute Twinkle and Elmo was and Twinkle(who was in my arms) stretched over to attempt to kiss them. If you guys know my Twinkle well, you should rmb that she loves to lick(I like to say it as KISS...hahaha). But that day she didnt. She stretched over and then quickly turned away...HAHAHA... So was it the smell? God knowwwssss...hahahahahaha..But it was cute lah...but maybe she was unfamiliar with the smell. Different race maybe.

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ULT - Perth Sept 2009

The Ultimate Lamerz Trip, too bad we missed out the Pres and Ying Jie..
But it's okay...it was still fun nevertheless.

So here are some pictures for the Pres to see....

Some of us at Changi airport, during the flight and arrival at Perth airport.
I love the effect of sepia...gives a very vintage feel....
Oh..there's pig sleeping at the corner...and the other corner, me and pig were trying to CHEERS with the soup spoon! Talk about creativity!

Woke up at about 0830 the next day...Time to go shopping and exploring the city!
Some pictures taken through Hay Street Mall and in Harbour Town.And yes, some of it in Macs. Our favourite Macs. The one that we hermmmm...cleared our bowels at...
And I love that theme picture. Fantastic feel created with sepia. Arghh..AGAIN.

And on the way, we passed by London Court, which is basically a very English place, as the name suggests and we decided to have breakfast in the English cafe! Yummy!
The 38s showing how 38 they can beee!!!!!!!!!!
This was also where Pig complained about us not being able to take candid shots of her and she was happily taking clear and graceful candid shots of us. And I taught her about the idea of 顿, which is holding an action for a moment so that pple can take 'candid' looking shots of you.
Practise that with your friends!
Candid shots are never a headache again once you master the art of 顿.

Afterward, we met Ben at Harbour Town and he brought us to this fabulous Italian place that serves fabulous pasta, but the pizza was so-so..maybe I didnt enjoy the pizza coz the pasta was SUPER FILLING.
By the way, if you cant see, the place is CIAO ITALIA. SUPERB.

Following dinner was a night tour to King's Park, his school, Northbridge(where I had a terrible tummyache suddenly).
Oh yes, the kuku pictures of us with messy hair were taken at the DNA tower in King's Park. Super shiok, but we were freezing!!!!
And sorry, no tripod, so dont have super sharp night shots and hence, they are resized to such pixels to look perfect.

Alright, that's all for tonight..
Super tired liao...

*Still disgusted by the Pelicans though*

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